About Us

Queensland Sexual Assault Network Inc.

Dark grey outline of the state of Queensland over the letters Q S A NThe Queensland Sexual Assault Network Inc. (QSAN) is a network of non-Government services funded to provide specialist sexual assault counselling, support and prevention programs in Queensland. QSAN is the peak body for sexual assault in Queensland. QSAN is committed to working collaboratively towards ensuring all Queenslander's who experience sexual violence recently or historically, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background receive a high quality response in line with best practice, client-centred principles. QSAN and its members strongly adhere to a gendered analysis of sexual violence underpinned by trauma informed approaches that meet survivors’ recovery and support needs.

QSAN member services are across the state of Queensland and represent a depth and diversity of specialised knowledge and service delivery approaches. Gendered analysis and flexibility to provide trauma informed support for survivors of sexual violence (in particular those who are most vulnerable and at risk) has been the focus of this network since its inception.

Within this breadth of service delivery is the benefit of specialised services (such as Murrigunyah, WWILD, Immigrant Women’s Support Service, Zig Zag and Living Well) and specialist programs that develop and share best practice responses to those who are

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
  • Live with cognitive or intellectual disabilities
  • Women and Young Women
  • Men and Young Men
  • Children
  • Children and Young People engaging in sexually harmful behaviours


QSAN member services value cooperation, collaboration and support between services to achieve our aims of:

  • Providing specialised knowledge and state-wide consultation on issues of sexual violence and sexual assault service provision
  • Promotion of professional development and support for sexual assault workers and in particular providing support to reduce isolation for rural, remote and lone workers within the sector
  • Providing a forum for sharing information, knowledge, skills, and resources across Sexual Assault Support and Prevention Services
  • Facilitation of state wide responses to whole of community issues via social awareness and education on issues of sexual violence
  • Identifying and strategically working together to maximise social, political and legal change towards empowerment of survivors and the elimination of sexual violence.
  • Collective authoring of ‘The Right to Choose – Enhancing best practice in responding to sexual assault in Queensland’ and Limiting Choices’. The documents provided an evidence based, holistic response to sexual assault service delivery in Queensland.
  • A commitment to working together respectfully and supporting each other to provide best practice sexual assault service delivery throughout Queensland in accordance with the National Standards of Practice Manual for services against sexual violence (1998); Standards of Practice for Services Against Sexual Violence 2nd Edition (2015); The Interagency Guidelines for Responding to adult victims of sexual assault (2001) and Queensland Government Interagency Guidelines for Responding to People who have Experienced Sexual Assault (2014)
  • Working together to address the far reaching impacts, incidence and pervasive nature of sexual violence perpetrated against women and children in epidemic proportions with far reaching impacts that extend to the broader community.