Young people

Sexual assault impacts many Australians, including young people. In response to this, there are some specialist services in Queensland who provide support to young people. Zig Zag Young Womens Resource Centre provide support to young women (aged 12-25) who are survivors of sexual violence. Their service includes counselling, advocacy, support, referral and some accommodation. To find out more about their service, please visit their website here.

Reach out is a another great online resource, that has an array of information for young people about sexual assault but also safe sex, safe relationships and other key issues that affect young people. Please follow the link here to read more of their resources.

Many other youth services and sexual assault services are able to support young people who are survivors of sexual violence. Please refer to our services page to see which agency is best to assist you. For general advice and support of what support is best for you or the person you are supporting, please contact the Statewide Sexual assault helpline on 1800 010 120.