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You have a right to be listened to, believed and helped if you have been affected by sexual abuse or sexual assault.

If you, or someone you know, are in need of support after experiencing sexual abuse we are here to help.  Our experienced team will help you find a way forward by focusing on your healing and recovery.  Our QLD based service is currently available to any survivor identifying as male, who is over 14 years of age and has experienced a sexual assault or sexual abuse.


What to expect:

We will help you prioritise your needs and decide what you want in being able to move forward.  We understand that the things you want help with may change over time, so our services are flexible to meet your needs.  Our team can help you start to rebuild with practical support, counselling, accessing financial support, and addressing safety needs, including:

  • Free confidential counselling support
  • Assistance with case management, financial applications or navigating government systems, such as Victim Assist Queensland and Redress
  • Information and support on how to report and tackle court processes
  • Referrals to long-term therapeutic supports and counselling

Support we provide:

Our service is completely free of charge.

Our team of counsellors are based across Queensland and can help you over the phone or by video conferencing.  If you live in Brisbane, you can come into our office to see us or ask us to meet you at another place where you feel safe.  We know your privacy and confidentiality are important in helping you feel safe.

We will listen and work with you to determine the kind of support you need, and the things you'd like to focus on.


For more information or if you need to speak to someone, there are several ways to get in touch:

FREECALL - 1800 874 996



Available:  Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM




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Support and assistance for men

Living Well is a dedicated service for men who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault at some time in their lives. For male survivors, their partners, family and friends, they provide a range of resources, advocacy and support services. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual abuse as a child, or adult sexual assault, please know that you’re not alone. There is an increasing recognition of this issue for men, and support and assistance is available.


Information and resources from Living Well:


Men and boys make up 17% of reported sexual assault on Queensland in 2017.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Personal Safety Survey 2016 & Recorded Crime – Victims, Australia, 2017; Queensland Police Service, Annual Statistical Review 2016-17.