General Information about Sexual Assault

women's silhouette facing window looking at countrysideOn this page, you can find a variety of resources about Sexual Assault and the sector. We encourage you to visit the service’s webpages for further information. You can view all our members services listing here.

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA): General Information about Sexual Assault

  • SECASA has a range of fact sheet documents that provide information about areas of sexual assault such as reporting, myths and facts about sexual assault and what you may experience if you or someone around have experienced sexual assault.
  • Please note that SECASA are based in Victoria so some information may differ from Queensland.
  • You can view their resources by following this link

Queensland Police

  • Reporting sexual assault can be difficult. Click here to link to the Queensland Police website that provides information around reporting to police and the laws around sexual assault.