Service Against Sexual Violence (Domestic Violence Action Centre – DVAC)

Contact Details

Phone Ipswich

07 3816 3282


07 4566 2633

Address PO BOX 964

Ipswich QLD 4034

Site address on request.



Service Area

Ipswich and surrounds


Summary of Service

The Service Against Sexual Violence is committed to providing respectful sexual violence support services to survivors aged 14 years and over. We understand how difficult it is for survivors of sexual violence to come forward and share their story and we strive to provide survivors with a safe and supportive space.

The Service Against Sexual Violence is a community based organisation with a strong understanding of gender and diversity. SASV recognises that LGBTQIA people challenge the dominant norms of society and experience significant levels of both physical and sexual violence. We also acknowledge the diversity of experiences held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds. SASV is committed to delivering sensitive services and ensuring that we provide a safe space for all people.

SASV aims to provide services that are accountable, person centred and confidential.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Counselling and support for survivors aged 14 years and over
  • Support for family, friends and care givers of survivors
  • Information, advice, referral
  • Group work
  • Community education

Emergency Relief

Minimal funds.


Safe Space/Waiting Space




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